What does the video convert function do?

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What does the video convert function do?


What does the Video Converter function do in My Movies for Windows Media Center 2011?


The Video Converter function in My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 is designed to convert copied DVD and Blu-ray discs to MP4 file format for usage with mobile devices such as iPod, iPhone, iPad and Android devices, and for usage through the Windows Home Server built-in DNLA server to DNLA devices such as Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Smart TV's.

The Video Converter can convert to either one or two formats, and can store the titles in the same folder as the source title, or can place the converted titles in a separate folder, such as "Mobile Movies". The files are created with embedded meta-data, and can be added to iPod, iPhone or iPad devices through iTunes, or can be copied to the SD card of Android devices.


  • The converter only supports full DVD and Blu-ray copies that are either copied using the My Movies Disc Copier, or identified by My Movies Monitoring.
  • Subtitles is currently not supported on Blu-ray's. All settings for subtitles applies to DVD's only.
  • The converter currently only copies to MP4 files, other file types are not supported as output formats. The solution uses HandBrake as back-end conversion engine, and advanced users can create additional profiles allowing for conversion to MKV or other H.264 compatible format.
  • While conversion of Blu-ray ISO files is supported, it requires manual installation of SlySoft Virtual CloneDrive on the Windows Home Server, though a Remote Desktop connection.

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