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You can view your collection of Movies and/or TV Series in the Collection Management program, but when you open Windows Media Center, you receive the following message:

""No media was found. This can be because your collection is empty, because your current selected viewgroups does not contain any titles, or because titles are blocked by parental controls. You can add titles manually with the Collection Management program, or you can enable folder monitoring to automatically add titles."

Possible Causes:

a) You have parental controls enabled and configured to a level that blocks all titles in your collection. Check your settings for parental controls in Collection Management, Tools, Options, Parental Controls.

b) You have configured one or more groups containing titles to not be displayed in Windows Media Center. Check if one or more groups is set to not be displayed in Windows Media Center in Collection Management, Tools, Options, Media Center Interface under the "Groups - Displayed in interface" section. Notice! Defaulting your user configuration will not reset this particular setting.

c) You have configured the application to start under a specific view, which does not contain any titles. Check your settings for default entry page in Collection Management, Tools, Options, Media Center Interface.

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