Files needed to play video are missing or corrupt

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Files needed to play video are missing or corrupt


You receive the message "Files needed to play video are missing or corrupt" when trying to play one of your movies through My Movies for Windows Media Center.


There is a either a configuration problem on your machine in regards to the file type you are trying to play, or the file is not compatible with Windows Media Center, or there is a problem with one of your codecs.


As My Movies simply passes playback to Windows Media Center, we are unable to help you resolve this problem. You can confirm that this is a general problem with your Windows Media Center in regards to the file you are trying to play, by placing the file in the videos section of Windows Media Center, allowing you to confirm that you get the same message here.


Although not being able to solve this problem for you, the message is very often caused by installing codec packs. Since you do not have any control over what codec packs install, and how it affects your system, we strongly recommend against installing codec packs, but instead recommend you to install the individual codecs you need, as it allows you to easier locate any problem related to it.

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