Folder monitoring adding duplicate titles

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Folder monitoring adding duplicate titles


Having enabled the folder monitoring option, one or more of your titles gets added as duplicates into the library. If you manually delete the titles, they will re-appear when folder monitoring re-adds them.


There are two typical causes for this problem:

a) If you have either manually added one or more title from a mapped network drive, and at the same time have configured folder monitoring to operate on an UNC path (file://server/share), or visa-versa, the two locations (network drive vs. UNC path) is by folder monitoring seen as two different locations, and the title gets added two times, one for each of the locations. The same problem can occur if you have monitoring configured to monitor both a network drive and an UNC path.

b) If you have manually have used the "Online (File)" location type to point to your titles, you cannot at the same time use folder monitoring, which operates using folder locations only.


First of all, it should be mentioned that we recommend never using mapped network drives. These mapped network drives is functional for the current logged in user only, and will give you problems in multi-zone environments and environments where Media Center Extenders are used.

Secondly, you should notice that folder monitoring only operates using the "Online (Folder)" location type option, where titles are pointed to a folder where the title or it's disc is placed. You cannot use the "Online (File)" location type and at the same time have folder monitoring operational.

To resolve your problem with the duplicate titles, you need to identify why the duplication occurs. First, make sure that folder monitoring is not configured to monitor a mapped network drive - if it is, change it to monitor a direct UNC path. Secondly, identify the location of the titles - you do this by using the Collection Management program - open the first of the duplicated titles, and using the "Discs" editing dialog, which is a button in the title editing screen, next to the "Discs:" label, you make a note of the location type and location of the disc. You then do the same for the second of the duplicate titles. If one of the titles points to a location on a mapped network drive, you must change it to use a direct UNC path - and, if one of the titles uses "Online (File)" location types, these must be changed to "Online (Folder)" location types.

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