TV Series on DVD does not play episode directly

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TV Series on DVD does not play episode directly


Having added a Disc Title containing a TV Series, the application does not directly play the episode when pressing "Play" on one of the TV Series episodes.


There are two possible causes for this:

1) If your movie format is not in a VIDEO_TS folder, which is required by TV Series on DVD, the title would be played back as if it was an ordinary disc title.

2) Some discs are mastered to open a language menu, or the discs root menu by default, something which Windows Media Center due to what we based on documentation see as a bug is unable to workaround. This means that despite requesting the disc title and/or chapter playback in Windows Media Center, the disc is incorrectly started into a menu, and from there does not play the correct episode. This is seen more often on European discs with multiple languages than it is on US based discs which often only contains one language option.


Make sure that you only use full VIDEO_TS folder structure copies with TV Series on DVD. If you do that, and the episode does not directly play anyways, there unfortunately is no workaround on the problem in Windows Media Center and the way the disc is mastered. This issue will affect some discs, and not others.

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