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How do I get folder/movie monitoring to identify my titles as Blu-ray's instead of DVD's?


I have one or more HD titles in my collection that is stored in a different file format than an direct image (ISO) or BDMV folder structure format. Folder/movie monitoring identifies these titles as DVD's, rather than Blu-ray. How can I get folder/movie monitoring to identify these as Blu-ray's?


As of version 4.02, folder/movie monitoring by default identifies Blu-ray images (ISO) or BDMV folder structures as Blu-ray's, and remaining media with a resolution of 720P or higher as Blu-ray's, but you can force detection as Blu-ray if you add the text "[Blu-ray]" to the folder name of your title. Notice that if the title have already been identified by folder/movie monitoring, you must remove the title from your collection and remove the meta-data stored in the folder, specifically the hidden "mymovies.xml" file stored in the folder, otherwise, the title will be re-identified as what it was last.

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