Why does my titles not follow the sort title when browsing on the...

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Why does my titles not follow the sort title when browsing on the Dune player?


My titles are not sorted by the sort title when browsing the title lists on my Dune player, why is that?


The Dune player is basically an advanced folder browser, and not an interface you can do actual programming against, which means it is a lot less intelligent compared to an interface such as Windows Media Center. You can compare the device with a file and folder browser such as Windows Explorer, but with the ability to replace the folders with graphis pieces, and control the position of these graphics pieces.

This leads to the answer to why the device does not follow the sort titles when browsing - there is no technical way with these devices to control the sort order, which means the sort order is following the alfabetic naming of the displayed title (folder) name, and not the sort title settings, simply because it lists folders.

Using the Dune player, all settings for sort titles and personal sort titles is therefore not used, and cannot technically be used with the current functionality of the players.

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