Why do DVD copying fail all the time?


When I copy a DVD to my harddrive or storage device using My Movies for Windows Media Center, My Movies Collection Management or My Movies for Windows Home Server, the copy quickly fail shortly after starting to copy. Why do these copies fail?


My Movies by default only copy unprotected discs, and most DVD's are protected by CSS copy protections. If you are trying to copy a disc with CSS copy protection, the copy will fail as soon as My Movies starts to read one of the encrypted sectors.


It is in some countries not allowed to break copy protection to copy a DVD onto harddrive or storage, even though you owe the disc in question. Users in countries where it is allowed, can install SlySoft AnyDVD* which removes copy protection on any disc inserted into the machine. SlySoft AnyDVD is a separate product from a separate company, and must be purchased separately - it is not included with My Movies.

* Installing and/or using AnyDVD is illegal in some countries. Users are themselves responsible for complying with local law when installing and using AnyDVD.

Posted 13-07-2011 11:51:43 by Administrator