I lost the collection on my mobile device


During title addition or editing, your entire collection of titles disappear from your Android, iPhone or iPad mobile device. If you click to synchronize, the device tells you that it is already synchronized.


In rare situations the internal database use by our mobile applications can corrupt during writing, which causes the applications to loose the internal collection. Your collection is however stored on the online service, and is safe there, which means it is easy to resolve.


Users on iPhone and iPad should remove the application from their device and re-add it. You can remove the application by holding your finger down on the icon, and click the X in the upper right cover when the icons start to shake. Having done that, you can re-install the application from the App Store - when using the same iTunes account, you will not pay for the application a second time, even if the button writes "Buy now". You now open the application and log into your account - the device will re-synchronize your entire collection from the online servers.

Users on Android should connected their device to a computer, and select to connect as "Disc Drive", which will connect your SD card to your computer - browse the SD card and delete the folder "My Movies Pro" for Pro versions, or "My Movies Free" for Free versions. Disconnect the device from the PC and open the application, which will ask you to synchronize with the online servers - answer yes and the device will re-synchronize your entire collection from the online servers. If the describes process does not resolve the problem, your device may be configured to not store data on the SD card, or it can have lost it's sync state, in which case it may be needed to remove and re-add the application along with removing the folder from the SD card. Using the same Google account, you will not pay for the application a second time when installing from the Google Play Store.


In a few situations, users of our Collection Management software on Windows have uploaded an empty collection to the online servers, failing to read the on-screen instructions which clearly states with a warning message that uploading the collection will remove the collection from the online servers and replace with the one from the Collection Management software. If you have done this, your data is removed from the online servers and cannot be restored.

Posted 29-08-2011 13:46:33 by Administrator