How can I fully uninstall My Movies?


How can I fully uninstall My Movies, removing all configuration, my database and the SQL Server database instance?


By default, My Movies keeps your settings including configuration settings and database when uninstalling, which means it will leave the "MYMOVIES" SQL Server instance.

You must initially uninstall My Movies through Add/Remote programs in Control Panel.

If you would like to fully uninstall My Movies, including all configuration settings and your database, you can download our and run our Clean Tool here:

My Movies Clean Tool - Version 4

Version 4 of the Clean Tool can be used on all versions of My Movies 5 including 5.20 on Windows 10, and legacy My Movies 4 and My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solution.

Notice! If you have a database you would like to keep, you should not use this application, as it removes your database.

Posted 01-09-2011 13:47:48 by Administrator