Can I import from my current movie collection into My Movies?


I currently have my movie collection in a different application (such as DVD Profiler, Collectorz, Delicius Library, DVDPedia or similar), or in a text file, can I import my collection into My Movies for Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone?


Users of DVD Profiler 3, Delicius Library 2, Collectorz Movie Collector or DVDPedia can convert their current collection though the My Movies Importer on

Due to the fact that My Movies does not hold your specific data, but instead holds references into general profiles shared between all users in our system, the importer does not import the specific title data from your current application, but instead uses unique references such as barcode or IMDB id's to match your existing profiles up against the My Movies online service.

Your personal data, such as notes, tags, purchase details and similar will be imported into the personal data part of your collection, and will therefore be maintained. Global data on such as titles, descriptions, covers and similar will be replaced by the corresponding data in the My Movies online service, which is most situations often will give you more detailed and accurate data than available in your current application.

Once the importer have run, you will receive an e-mail with the results, as well as see the results on your screen. Users of My Movies for Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone simply log onto their application using the same user account they imported their collection into, and synchronize the collection. Users of My Movies Collection Management for Windows must select "Synchronize Online and Mobile Collection" in the "WebService" menu, and select to download their collection from the servers.

Users of other applications that is currently not supported by the My Movies Importer can request support for their current application by contacting us on, but notice that we can only import from applications who's exported data provides a unique reference such as barcode or IMDB id, as matching profiles against a simple title would give many incorrect matches.

If you are having any problems with the My Movies importer, please contact us on

Notice! The applications on iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone all have built-in barcode scanning functions with a multi-scan functionality. Scanning even large collections with the multi-scan functionality is resonable fast, and for users with current applications that the importer cannot support, we recommend that you re-add your collection into My Movies using this method.

Posted 01-09-2011 16:05:41 by Administrator