Stopping playback returns me to Windows Media Center's movie library and not My Movies


If you are playing a mounted ISO file, or an original DVD, when playback is stopped, you are returned to the built-in "movie library" in Windows Media Center, and not to My Movies where the playback was started.


This is unfortunately due to what we see as a bug in Windows Media Center, but Microsoft sees as a "by design" functionality. Windows Media Center's default behavior is to return a stopped DVD playback to the "movie library", despite the fact that the playback was started when positioned in another location of Windows Media Center, while we believe it would be most logical to return to the user to where he was when playback was started. As ISO files are mounted, they are picked up and played by Windows Media Center's auto-play functionality and seen as original inserted DVD's, and therefore affected by this problem.


If you are using ISO files, we recommend switching to VIDEO_TS folders, which is officially recommended by My Movies - VIDEO_TS files gives us better options for handling of playback, and gives much better control over the playback during it. Besides switching to VIDEO_TS folder playback rather than ISO files, there is not a solution to this problem at this time. We hope that Microsoft at some point will accept this as a bug, and resolve the problem.

Posted 05-09-2011 11:05:32 by Administrator