Why does the playback remain in "Now Playing" when stopped?


If you stop playback of a title that was started from My Movies, playback is stopped, but is still present in the "Now Playing" area with a stop icon, while playback started from other sections in Windows Media Center hide the "Now Playing" area when stopped.


This is unfortunately due to what we see as a bug in Windows Media Center, but Microsoft sees as a "by design" functionality. My Movies plays media through Windows Media Center's SDK, which unfortuantely have a different behavior when playback is stopped than anything started by Windows Media Center itself.


There is not a solution to this problem at this time, as the functionality is handled entirely by Windows Media Center and the Windows Media Center SDK. We hope that Microsoft at some point will accept this as a bug, and resolve the problem.

Posted 05-09-2011 11:57:59 by Administrator