I receive the message "Error. UserName and password cannot be verified", but I am already logged in?


I receive the message "Error. UserName and password cannot be verified" in My Movies for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone or Mac OS X but I am already logged into the application.


You receive this message because your password have changed since you originally logged into the application, and the user account information stored in the application is now incorrect according to your current account information. This typically happens if you have used the "Lost account" function from another device, which changes your password, or if you have changed your password through our forums.


You must log out of all applications where you are using the user account, and log back in with your current account information. If you cannot remember your account information, you may use the "Lost account" function from the front page of the application, but notice that it changes your password.

Posted 07-09-2011 09:51:11 by Administrator