Why can't I change external player confirmation for image files?


In the external player configuration, settings for DVD Image Files, Blu-ray Image Files and HD DVD Image Files is set to "Windows Media Center Default", why can't I change it to my preferred player?


My Movies does not control playback of image files - it mounts the image file through Virtual CloneDrive or Daemon Tools, which lets Windows Media Center see it as if it was an original inserted DVD. This means that Windows Media Center's autoplay feature is starting the playback, out of My Movies' control.

Therefore your image files will be played with the player that is registered to play the media type in Windows Media Center, and therefore the only optional setting is called "Windows Media Center Default".

ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre and Cyberlink PowerDVD both register themselves as players for Blu-ray, and will therefore when installed correctly play Blu-ray image files when mount - DVD image files when mounted will by default be played with Windows Media Center's internal player, but ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre and Cyberlink PowerDVD registers itself as player also for DVD's, and therefore you can get a player choice when mounting DVD images.

Posted 15-09-2011 09:25:32 by Administrator