Can I exclude a specific folder from folder monitoring?


I have the folder monitoring option configured to monitor a folder on my storage. Can I exclude a specific sub folder in the monitored folder area from being monitored?


If you are monitoring a folder such as "X:\Movies", but would like to exclude a specific folder such as "X:\Movies\Home Videos", you can create an empty file called "mymovies.dna" in the "X:\Movies\Home Videos" folder, which will instruct monitoring to ignore the folder.

To create an empty "mymovies.dna" file, you must disable the option "Hide extention for known file types" in the "Folder Options" configuration found in Control Panel. You can now right click in the "X:\Movies\Home Videos" folder and select "New", "Text Document", and rename the created file from "New Text Document.txt" to "mymovies.dna".

Posted 15-09-2011 10:19:09 by Administrator