Disc copy failure (Source drive does not contain a valid disc)


Copying a DVD or Blu-ray disc to ISO file fails with the error message; "The copy of the disc 'LABEL' failed. Source drive does not contain a valid disc".


Copying an ISO file to storage, the software creates what is described as a "safe file handle" on the drive to read the full unaltered disc content, and not just the file and folder content on the disc.

Even when not copying to a target drive of a drive with drive pooling, creating this safe file handle will fail if the user have Stablebit DrivePool installed.

It is not possible for us to know why this fails, as we do not know exactly how Stablebit DrivePool is developed, but we expect that the software in full replaces the driver for the file system with its own drive, which does not let our software create a valid safe file handle.


The only available workarounds are to uninstall Stablebit DrivePool in full, or avoid copying to ISO files, and copy only to VIDEO_TS, BDMV folders, MKV files or similar.

Posted 04-08-2016 10:55:12 by Administrator