How can I contribute or report a title missing, when the barcode is on a sticker?


I have a title that I would like to contribute or report as a missing title, but the barcode is on a sticker. How can I add or report my title?


Barcodes on stickers are in almost all situations store specific stickers, which can either be generally used for a title by a store chain, or it can be used for specific campaigns.

Because barcodes on stickers are not considered original barcodes, we do not allow titles to be created or reported missing used these store specific barcodes on stickers.

However, as many of these stickers are used across some big store chains, we would like to be able to track the barcodes anyways, to allow it to looked up when scanning, by matching the barcode on the sticker to the original barcode of the title, and presenting the title with the original barcode, when the sticker is scanned.

We therefore request that you contact us with the following information to

- Barcode on sticker
- Original barcode on the cover itself
- Title
- Type (DVD, Blu-ray or HD DVD)
- Country
- Photo of back cover showing the sticker, or the sticker removed and placed next to the back cover. The sticker does not need to be in perfect shape - we just need be able to confirm it.
- Photo of back cover showing the original barcode. Typically, the inner paper of the title can be pulled up to reveal the original barcode.

The photos must be a picture taken with a camera or camera phone and must show the barcode visible. This is used to confirm the existence of the sticker barcode and the original barcode - you may not send a cover scan, as it can be difficult for our staff to confirm if such are custom graphics or actual scans.

You will receive an e-mail when we have created the title in the system.

Thank you for helping us!

Posted 27-11-2018 14:21:50 by Administrator