Disc Copier added incorrect title

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Disc Copier added incorrect title


The Disc Copier identified a different title, or a different edition of a title than the one you actually have, and added meta-data for this incorrect title to your collection.


The Disc Copier uses a "Disc Id" mechanism to look up the correct title and edition for the disc you are copying, however in is not uncommon for the same disc to be part of different releases, such as store releases, rental releases, box sets or similar. Since the Disc Copier in this situation cannot determine which specific release your are copying the disc from, it selects a title based on criterias such as profile complete percentage and single vs. multi-disc releases.


Using the Collection Management program connected to your Windows Home Server, you can locate the copied title in the title list, and right click it, which brings up the right click menu. Select the "Change Title Source and Data" option, and locate the correct title that you owe using the search boxes. The most precise search option is the "By barcode" option, as the barcode is typically unique per release.

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