Why do I receive an application license could not be verified...

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Why do I receive an application license could not be verified message?


I receive the message "The application license could not be verified. Be sure that the Google account registered on the device is the one that was used to purchase the application through Google Play Store , and that you are connected to the Internet the first time you run the application after having switched on your phone or changed network settings." when starting My Movies for Android Pro. I purchased the application - how come I am then receiving this message?


My Movies for Android is using the official Google licensing system, which is created to prevent pirate copying of applications - without such licensing check, the application package could be taken from any device and unlimited distributed to other devices. The licensing system validates that your Google account have purchased the application that you are trying to run, and there can be different reasons for receiving this message:

  • You are currently logged in with a different Google user account on your device then the one you originally purchased from, or the Google user account set as primary on your device differs from the one you used to purchase with. To validate this, locate the receipt e-mail from your purchase, and confirm that the Google e-mail address used is the same as registered in your phone settings, in the accounts section.
  • Your device is not currently connected to the internet. The first time the application is run after the phone have been turned on, it requires to be able to reach the Google licensing servers to confirm your purchase. If you are currently not connected, you will have to try again when connected.
  • There can be a problem with the data stored in the Google Play Store application, which could contain incorrect data about your Google account and device. To clear the data of the application, open "Settings" on your device, select "Apps" and click on the "Google Play Store" application. On this page, click the "Clear data" button - notice that there is a "Clear cache" button as well, making it easy to click the wrong button, therefore notice that it is the "Clear data" button you must click.
  • In the rare situation that the Google licensing servers are having problems, you may receive this message temporary even when connected to the internet. In this case, try again later.

When receiving this message, it is recommend that you turn your device off and on again, and check that it is connected to the internet, and then run the application again.

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