I already purchased the My Movies Pro application, why must I...

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I already purchased the My Movies Pro application, why must I purchase it again on another platform?


I have purchased My Movies Pro or Unlimited on one platform (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac OS X, ect.), why do I have to purchase the application again if I would like to use the application on multiple platforms, or if I switch from an Android phone to an iPhone or visa versa? Could I at least get a rebate when purchasing multiple applications?


Our applications are considered separate applications on separate platforms, even though they have similar or identical feature sets. iPhone and iPad is since My Movies 2 considered one platform, referred to as the iOS platform.

When switching from an Android phone to an iPhone or to a Mac or visa versa, you are switching from one application store to another (Google Play Store, iTunes App Store, Mac App Store, ect.), and there is technically not any relation between the purchase you made on one platform to a purchase on another - Google, Apple and Microsoft are technically the ones selling the application, and if we were to apply the purchase to your user account and let you purchase outside of the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store, this would be seen as an attempt to bypass their purchase models for which Google, Apple and Microsoft charges a 30% fee, and it would mean that our applications would be banned from the stores.

Although we would like to give a rebate to users purchasing our applications on multiple platforms, this is not an option available to providers on neither the iTunes App Store, the Mac App Store or Google Play Store, and we therefore are unable to do so.

You can compare the situation to a Ford car dealer - if you purchase a Ford Focus, you do not automatically get a Ford Fiesta and a Ford Mondeo to go with it - similar to how the Ford models are separate models with a similar feature set, our applications are also separate, and therefore separate purchases.

Notice! Even though our applications have a similar or identical feature set on multiple platforms, we also have separate development costs for the individual platforms.

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