How can I contribute or report a title missing, when another...

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How can I contribute or report a title missing, when another title with the same barcode already exists?


I have a title that I would like to contribute or report as a missing title, but I receive the message "Another title already exists with that barcode in that country". How can I add or report my title?


The first thing you must to is to confirm if your title is actually a different title from the one already in the system - you can do this by searching for the barcode in the add title dialog. If your title is not different than the one already in the system, you should remove your own title and add the one that already exists in the system instead.

If your title differs from the one already in the system, you have what we call a duplicate title - such duplicate titles are rare, and to avoid users creating the same title in the service multiple times, they can only be added to the system by our staff.

To have a duplicate title created, you must send the following information to

- Barcode
- Title
- Type (DVD, Blu-ray or HD DVD)
- Country
- Photo of front cover
- Photo of back cover

The photos must be a picture taken with a camera or camera phone and must show the barcode visible. This is used to confirm the existance of the title - you may not send a cover scan, as it can be difficult for our staff to confirm if such are custom graphics or actual scans.

You will receive an e-mail when we have created the title in the system, and you can then remove your existing title from your collection, and add the one created by our staff, and optionally add more data to the created profile to improve it's complete percentage and earn contribution points.

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