Can I add my own covers to the titles in the collection?

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Can I add my own covers to the titles in the collection?


Can I add my own covers to the titles in the collection, since I have a title that does not have a cover, or I would like a different cover than the one provided.


It depends on the situation.

The first important thing to understand is that the profiles you have in your collection is not some that you can freely edit. The data and covers on the profiles is loaded from our online service, and except for the data in the personal data sections, you cannot edit these profiles. The personal data section does not include covers.

The reason you cannot freely edit the profiles is that My Movies is based on you being able to switch between clients, and your collection synchronizes automatically between all clients - this also functions as a backup if you loose your device and get a new, as your data belongs to your user account.

If you were allowed to freely edit all the data, including the covers on the profiles, your edits would either be made in the local database on one of your devices, and would not transfer to your other clients, and would not be backed up in case you loose your device. The alternative would be that our online system should maintain individual user data on all of the titles in the system, a figure that is higher than 150 million titles, and in the event that you add a personal low-quality cover for one of your titles that is missing a cover, what should happen if a high-quality cover is added to the global system?

The fact that you cannot freely edit the titles in your collection for the above reasons means that any changes made to the non-personal data part of the title profiles must be something that is contributed to the global My Movies online service, and therefore must follow our contribution guidelines, and will pass through our moderation system. By contributing to the online service, your addition to the title profile becomes available to all other users having the same title.

Contributions to the online system can be made from a desktop PC, using our My Movies Collection Management for Windows or My Movies for Mac OS X software packages, or you can use the "Add Missing Data" function in the bottom of the details page on recent versions of the mobile applications.

Therefore, you can add covers to the titles in your collection if the covers follows the contribution guidelines. In any other event, you cannot add your own covers.


This answer relates to title profiles added from our online system, and not titles created manually using the "Create Title" options in the mobile applications, or manually created on Windows or Mac, and uploaded as a personal title. These titles are considered personal, and here you can change the titles as you would like.

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