Which launch commands does the My Movies applications provide?

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Which launch commands does the My Movies applications provide?


Which launch commands does the My Movies applications for iPad and iPhone provide, if I would like to integrate with them in my control system?


The following launch names are supported by the applications:

mymovies - My Movies Pro - Movie & TV Collection Library 2.XX
mymoviesipad - My Movies for iPad Pro 1.XX
mymoviesiphone - My Movies for iPhone Pro 1.XX

The following locations of the applications can be opened by sending a "host" parameter:

collection - Opens the application on the "Collection" tab.
persons - Opens the application on the "Persons" tab.
releases - Opens the application on the "Releases" tab.
trailers - Opens the application on the "Trailers" tab.
remote - Opens the application on the "Remote" tab. Only used if the remote control functionality is enabled on the device.
server - Opens the application on the "Server" tab. Only used if device is connected to My Movies 5 or legacy My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solution.
settings - Opens the application on the "Settings" tab.
launchApp - Launches the application on it's default tab.

The following parameters can be used to be able to return to the calling application:

callerName - The displayed name of the calling application, displayed in the application. The "returnURL" parameter is required.
returnURL - The launch name of the the calling application. The "callerName" parameter is required.

Notice! iOS 9 adds default "back to" when launching one application from another. Due to this, "callerName" and "returnUrl" have been deprecated in My Movies 2.

Additionally, the "zone" parameter can be used to select a specific remote playback and remote control zone. The parameter must contain the name of the configured zone in the remote control section of the My Movies application, such as "Bedroom" or "Livingroom". The user will when this parameter is provided not be prompted for playback location, or remote control location, but the passed zone will be selected directly.

Example of usage in code:

NSURL *callUrl = [[NSURL alloc] initWithScheme:@"mymoviesipad" host:@"persons" path:/?callerName=Launching Application&returnURL=launchingapplication://paramsforlaunchingapplication];

[[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:callUrl];

Example of usage from other applications where a launch string must be inputted:


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