Continuous synchronization blocks title addition and other...

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Continuous synchronization blocks title addition and other changes


Continuous requests to synchronize blocks for title addition and title changes in My Movies 2 for Android.


To determine if you are affected by this problem, go to the "Settings" page of the application, and click "Synchronize", and let the device synchronize. If the synchronization process finalises without problems (typically loading data for a very few amount of titles), click "Synchronize" again - if the software says "Already Synchronized", you are not affected by this problem, and we recommend you instead contact

If you continue to have the same amount of titles synchronizing, there is a data corruption in your internal database, which has occurred during initial synchronization of your collection. If possible for you, we request that you make a copy of the "My Movies 2 Pro" folder on your SD card, or in internal memory, and make that available for download for us through a file sharing site, and contact, along with a link to the download, and your username. This will allow us to investigate the issue for other users having the same problem in the future.

Close the application, and delete the "My Movies 2 Pro" folder, and then re-open the application, which forces a complete re-sync of your data. We expect that this re-sync will correct the problem, but should that not be the case, contact, with information that you have already attempted a complete re-sync. If you cannot locate the "My Movies 2 Pro" folder on your SD card, or in internal memory, changing the data storage area in settings on your device will also force a complete re-sync.

We are sorry for the trouble this is causing for you, and hope to soon have an overview of the problem to be able to resolve it.

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