Why can't I import my CSV file with the importer?

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Why can't I import my CSV file with the importer?


The application I am currently using can export my collection to a CSV file, why can't I import this file?


The option to import from a CSV file will work only when the CSV file contains data specifically created for the importer.

"CSV" stands for "Comma Separated Values",  which means that this is simply a file containing any sort of data, separated by comma. Therefore, a CSV file is not a pre-specified universal format for exporting your movie collection, but the individual applications own choice of which data to export, and in which order.

The import function recognises a number of applications that can be selected directly, where the importer are aware which fields to expect in the supplied file, but when using the generic CSV or file import option, the supplied file cannot just be any CSV file from any application, it must specifically be a file containing the data that the importer expects.

Since My Movies does not simply track limited typed in data for your titles, but instead lets you add shared and detailed profiles from our online service to your collection, when you import from another application, we are not simply importing your data, but the importer will match your existing data to profiles in our service. Therefore, the CSV file supplied must specifically contain 12 or 13 digit UPC or EAN barcodes (recommended) (which can link directly to the unique disc title profile) or alternatively IMDB id's such as (tt0000000) (which can only link to the generic movie profile), as these are the only informations we can use to determine which title in your collection that matches which title in our service.

Besides containing these barcodes or imdb ids, the file must specifically include them in the first column of the file, as the importer needs to know where to look for them - when you simply export a CSV file from the application you are currently using, some of the applications does not even hold the option to export barcodes or imdb ids, where others have the information places somewhere in the file where the importer cannot locate them.

Therefore, your CSV file must be imported into an application such as Excel, and you can from there create a new file with only one column, containing either barcodes, or IMDB ids, and you can then supply this file to the importer.

Some applications may not export barcodes or imdb ids, but will simply export a list of titles - you cannot import from such application, as titles can be typed differently, and it becomes much too uncertain that the titles you are importing are also the titles you end up with, and if you cannot be sure of this, there is not much value in an import. If you cannot import from your existing application due to lack of data in it, we recommend that you try to evaluate our batch scanning option, by setting the barcode scanner to multi-scanning, as it might be a lot faster than you think to start over.

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