I have received a coupon code, how can I use it?

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I have received a coupon code, how can I use it?


I have received a coupon code, how can I use it?


Coupon codes are typically given when having received an invitation from a friend to use the My Movies applications and hook up as a friend, or can be received as part of specific campaigns. Coupon codes can be used with our applications for iPhone, iPad or Android, and are not limited to the same platform a friend is using - you may receive a coupon code from a friend using an iPhone, but you can use this coupon also when using an Android device.

Coupon codes can be used to upgrade our free applications with its 50 title limit to an unlimited version, giving you the same functionality as our Pro versions, with the one exception that coupon codes are used to unlock a discounted in-app purchase, and neither Apple or Google supports family sharing on in-app purchases - the purchased upgrade will be limited to your specific Apple Id on iPhone and iPad, or Google Account on the Play Store.

To use a coupon code, install the free version of My Movies, available for iPhone or iPad here:

Or, on Android here:

In the application, open the "Settings" page - in the top of the page use a "Use Coupon" button - click this button, and input your coupon code - if the coupon code is accepted, the discount will be applied to the upgrade price presented in the app though the left side menu, from where you make the purchase. 

Be aware that if your current presented price to upgrade is a half price upgrade offer from My Movies 1 (Android) or 2 (iPhone and iPad), a coupon can not be used to further reduce this price. Coupon codes does not exist with a higher rebate percentage than the offered upgrade price.

Note! As the price tier in the Apple App Store on My Movies 3 on iPhone or iPad cannot be split into four, the 25% coupon codes used here will discount the price by 30% instead of 25%.

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